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Recommendation 7 Best Cheapest Gaming Mouse 2018

For a gamer, having combat equipment to play games is an obligation that must be met. No matter how expensive the price of the equipment is, a gamer must have it. But for those of you who rarely play games and not a gamers will be very surprised when looking at the prices of their equipment.

Best gaming mouse in 2018

One of the tools a gamers must have is a mouse. A good and high quality mouse is needed to support gameplay. There are two types of mouse that is mouse with cable and without cable (wireless), every gamers have their own favorite mouse both wired and wireless.

Well here I've summarized the best gaming mouse recommendations at a low price of 2018. For those of you who are gamers or still candidates who want to have a gaming mouse but have a limited budget. Please refer to the list of recommendations I have compiled to get a quality gaming mouse at an affordable price.

#1. VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse

The first mouse you can buy cheaply is this VicTsing mouse. It is only priced at $ 12.56 or equivalent to about 168 thousand on its official website. With a fairly cheap price, you can already get lazer optical and DPI controls in the range of 800-2400 as you wish. In addition, this mouse also has a comfortable design to hold for long. You can also use this mouse with a distance of about 50 feet or 15 meters from your laptop.

Speaking of a wireless mouse, of course, he needs a battery to operate. Although only using a battery, VicTsing claims that this mouse can hold up to 15 months because of the Auto Energy-Saving Sleeping Mode. One drawback of this mouse is not having a battery indicator. This VicTsing can be used on Windows, Mac OS and Linux based devices.

This mouse is perfect for you who play the game just to fill the spare time or for everyday use like office, editing and others. This is because ua can be operated from a considerable distance and has a long battery life is up to 15 months thanks to the special technology embedded in it.

#2. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The next mouse is priced at US $ 69.99 on its official website. Razer made gaming mouse is made and designed to fit the palms of the hands of its users. Not only that, it is also equipped with optical laser features and 10.000 DPI optical sensors are pretty good and have a high sensitivity and fast response time. One excellent feature of this mouse is the light that can light up and provide 16.8 million color combinations in accordance with the wishes of its users.

In addition, there is also support from Razer Synapse that allows for software updates or save the mouse settings online. With spending nearly 1 million you can already feel the artificial devices from Razer is very famous in the world of gaming. Essentially you guys do not have to worry anymore with the quality of this mouse.

#3. Redragon M601 Centrophorus

Mouse Redragon M601 Centrophorus has a design that looks attractive and frightening only at a price far below 1 million. In addition, it also features 3200 dpi sensor, 6 button optimize with support from software made Redragon itself and also optical lazer. This mouse is priced at $ 12.99 or about 174rb on its official website. This mouse supports devices with Windows operating system 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista. It will be perfect for you looking for a mouse that looks expensive but with a very cheap price.

#4. HAVIT HV-MS794

This mouse has 4 DPI configuration options ranging between 800-1200-2400-32000 and is accompanied by LED indicators at each of its DPI levels. Only at a price of about US $ 17.99 or equivalent to 241rb only, you can already have it. Cable length of the mouse can reach about 1.8 meters and supports Windows-based devices, linux, and mac OS.

More interestingly, this mouse is said to have a life of 10,000,000 keystrokes which means it can be guaranteed that the 7 buttons in this mouse will not be easily damaged and durable. Although in terms of design is not too good and less interesting, but this mouse is perfect for you who play the game just to fill the spare time only. Guaranteed though has a cheap price but he is not cheap.

#5. Logitech G602

The next mouse has a futuristic shape that is priced at only $ 79.99. By reaching this pocket you can already get two types of AA built-in battery that has endurance ranging from 250 hours in performance mode and 1440 hours in edurance mode. This wireless gaming mouse can be used with a distance of 3 meters from your device.

Because the price is quite expensive, of course the quality is very good. The mouse button is claimed to last up to 20 million clicks. This certainly can prove the resilience of artificial gaming mouse from Logitech. It also comes with a feature called DELTA ZERO which functions to set the accuracy of the cursor. There is also a special option to configure the mouse. If you want a professional-looking mouse, input Logitech G602 to your list.

#6. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

For the latter, we would recommend Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury. You can get it for only 729rb on the official website. This mouse can be regarded as the brother of the mouse Logitech G602 because its features are almost the same. The difference is this mouse is still using a cable to connect it with your device.

Its existing features consist of a blend of Logitech Delta Zero technology, optical sensor with exclusive Fusion Engine hybrid sensor to produce tracking speeds that exceed 500 IPS. Then there is also the customization of the mouse with 8 programmable buttons, 32 bit ARM processor, 45 DPI setting options and support from Logitech gaming software. This mouse is highly recommended for those of you who want to search for the long term.

# 7. SteelSeries Rival 300

SteelSeries Rival 300 is only priced at $ 49.99 or about 671rb. Quite cheap because you can get DPI 6500, lazer optical, 6 buttons with 30 million clicks guarantee, 2-meter long cable and soft touch soft glossy white, black and matte gray soft touch. However, this mouse still has its drawbacks, one of which is only designed for the right-handed users. But this is not a problem for most people. The shape was very comfortable and nice to use in a long time.

Well enough so many reviews that I can give you guys about the list of the best gaming mouse recommendations at a cheap price. If you are looking for cheap gaming mouse to buy, then you can consider some mouse above. If any have a recommendation of cheap gaming mouse but its not cheap quality other, please share in comment field. Thank you and hope it is useful!

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