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Here Are The Best Bitcoin Wallet, Safe and Reliable

Here Are The Best Bitcoin Wallet, Safe and Reliable

Bitcoin is the first crypto-shaped currency released in 2009 by a Japanese named Satoshi Nakamoto. But the identity of the creator Bitcoin is not known clearly until today.

Bitcoin's popularity gets higher as time goes by. At the first time Bitcoin was released only has a price below $ 1 only, but over time Bitcoin never penetrate the price of $ 10,000 per bitcoin.

Due to the higher Bitcoin price, so many investors are starting to invest to get more profit from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is currently the main price reference for other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and alt coin others.
Best Bitcoin wallet in the world

If you want to try to get Bitcoin, then the first thing you should do is create a wallet first. Here are some trusted wallet lists that you can use as Bitcoin storage.

1. Blockchain

Blockchain is the most widely used Bitcoin wallet in the world and became the first wallet to provide Bitcoin digital currency storage. This wallet is the best place to store Bitcoin safely.

To get the Blockchain wallet please visit

2. Vip Bitcoin Indonesia

The next wallet is Vip Bitcoin Indonesia which is a multi-currency exchanger site, but the most widely used is Bitcoin. Many conveniences that can be obtained by using this wallet such as withdrawing funds to the bank account directly or deposit into Vip Bitcoin account. The payment is also easy, can be done by bank transfer or through Alfamart.

For registration can be done here:

3. Luno

The media that provides the next Bitcoin wallet is LUNO, now many people are using this wallet as a bitcoin storage media.

Luno makes it easy for users to use and access at any time. This wallet also has an application that can make it easier for users to use it.

To have this Luno account you can register here:

4. Coinbase

Coinbase is also one of the trusted Bitcoin wallet service providers, even many alt coin that can be accommodated here. This wallet site is very responsive when diakes by users either via PC or mobile device.

For a list at Coinbase you can visit the site directly at


Wallet XAPO is one of Bitcoin's wallet which is favored by users who like to claim claim or captcha because usually the site that hold free Bitcoin prefer payment through wallet XAPO.

This wallet also has a secure security system like other tight sites.

To use XAPO you can register here:

6. Triv

Triv is a new Bitcoin wallet, Triv can also receive deposits from OKpay and Perfect Money. Triv also provides other features like purchase of pulses as well as other tokens such as electricity and game vouchers.

To use it you can register here:

Maybe for now that's just some reliable Bitcoin wallet that you can try if you want to start getting Bitcoin. All of the above sites are my personal recommendation as a Bitcoin collector looking for money on the internet.

For more details please try your own list.
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