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Save Internet Quota By Turning Off Instagram Autoplay

How To Turn Off Autoplay Feature On Instagram - There are now many social media that provide new features such as autoplay on video without having to be approved by users first. This feature is found on Facebook or Instagram where the social media has an autoplay feature where the video we see will automatically run without having to press the play button.

Best way to turn off instagram autoplay

Maybe for someone this is an exciting feature and make users feel comfortable because it does not need to press play button, but it only applies to people who have many internet quota or for the wifi users who do not need to worry about internet quota. That way they can use the data as they please without having to worry about the internet quota will run out.

But that does not apply to users who have little internet quota and always want to save internet quota to be durable and not easy to run out. Of course, many people who complain about the autoplay feature. With the complaints, the application developer Intstagram has also provided a way that can turn off the autoplay feature, but Instagram does not provide autoplay feature off permanently. For that what users can do Instagram just make sure the video is in a state not loading because if in loading state can drain the internet data as well.

At this time we will discuss about how to turn off the autoplay feature on Instagram in order to save internet quota. So the internet quota used is not too drained when using Instagram. But because Instagram is a social media that requires a lot of internet quota, then the way that can be done to save the other internet is to not use Instagram and move using other social media applications like Facebook. That way the internet quota will become more efficient than usual.

How To Turn Off Autoplay Feature On Instagram

Here's how you can disable autoplay on Instagram in order to save the internet quota used.

  • First open the Instagram app
  • Then go into the profile page on Instagram
  • After that go into the settings or settings (on the android is on the right corner of the profile page)
  • After entering into settings or settings, find the option "Cellular Data Use"
  • Then select "Use Less Data" to turn off the pre-loading video while browsing Instagram and meet a video you do not want to see but instead turn it yourself.
  • Done

Please note, using this method can turn off video in pre-loading state. For that the video on Instagram will not play automatically even if using wifi network though, if you want to restore the settings as before you can change the settings as before. But if you want a more greget way, you can uninstall Instagram then reinstall.

That's how it can be done to save internet quota by turning off autoplay feature on Instagram easily. That way the internet quota used is not too much because the video on Instagram will not run with itself anymore.

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