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After successfully making their famous flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903, Wright Brothers developed a business opportunity for the flight engine that they started. Starting from the advertisement for joy flight offers to traveling around the city to offer aircraft made by the famous Wright Company at that time.

On February 15, 1910, Wilbur Wright who was on a promotional trip arrived in Montgomery, Alabama, which was famous at that time as a vast plains farm that had calm winds. Seeing this opportunity, Wilbur Wright wanted to establish a flying school there. On a large plot of land owned by a landlord named Frank Kohn, the flying school Wright Flying School stood by erecting a hangar and hiring their old friend Charles Taylor as his mechanic. In just a month, Wright Flying School already has 5 students.

Not only as the first pilot school, Wright Flying School serves as a place for research and development of aircraft powered by the Wright Company. The results of this research and development include advanced engine modification, installation of upright fin fin technology (Rudder) and flat balance rear fin (Horizontal Stabilizer).

Until the end of 1916 Wright Flying School had to close due to the first world war chaos that began in 1914. Meanwhile, in a relatively short period of time Wright Flying School had graduated 119 students, many of whom became famous and influential in their time, among others:
  1. Henry Arnold, the only 5-star general of the United States air force
  2. Thomas Milling, the first pilot of the United States air force
  3. Philip Parmelee, the first Commercial Pilot in the world
  4. Edward Stinson, Founder of the Stinson Aircraft Company
  5. Marjorie Stinson, the world's first female cargo pilot

End of the First Pilot School in the World

After not operating again this place remains known as the first pilot school. Currently the former location of Wright Flying School was used as an aircraft maintenance workshop during the first world war. Then on November 8, 1922 until now the historic location officially became the Maxwell Air Force Base belonging to the United States air force.
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