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Main Requirements for Entering a Pilot School

Has it ever occurred to you to be a pilot? This challenging work is now an interesting choice of work. Have a promising career. All requirements must be fulfilled for prospective pilots to enter the chosen pilot school. Not for a moment, a pilot takes years to gain sufficient experience and flying hours to be able to operate a commercial airplane from an airline.
Main Requirements for Entering a Pilot School

Why is being a pilot requires careful preparation and special requirements? Because a pilot's main job is to carry passengers and goods on the aircraft that are being operated, he will be responsible for the lives of many of the passengers. A pilot needs high skills and good knowledge to receive this important task. And what are the main conditions for entering a pilot school? We will discuss it below.

Mastering flight theory

As a pilot who will fly a plane, of course the main requirement to enter the pilot school is the knowledge of flight theory. Various basic theories of physics will support pilot activities during flight, physical concepts such as law of motion, inertia, mass, pressure, temperature, etc. must be understood by the prospective pilots because this will be enough to help you operate the aircraft. Besides the principle of aerodynamics, hydroplaning, performance and aircraft operating systems are also additional knowledge that a pilot must understand.

Understand how the aircraft works

Before starting education to become a pilot, students also need to understand a little about how airplanes work, and this can be helped by the physics concepts learned. Pilots must also understand about maintenance and other supporting things to anticipate things that are not desired during the flight.

Understand Navigation or direction direction

To become a pilot, of course we must understand using graphics and maps. This will be very useful when you are operating an airplane. Because driving our plane is guided only by means of direction, this is an absolute requirement if you want to become a pilot. Why do we have to understand how to read simple navigation tools like maps and graphics? This is to anticipate if the digital directional equipment is damaged.

Have good vision

A pilot will work above the height, determine the direction and see the signal. So a good vision is needed so as not to endanger your passengers. Because a pilot has a great responsibility for the safety of all passengers, then you must make sure you have no interference with your eyes and are not in a minus state.

Have a proportional height

Why is height so important for the conditions of entering a pilot school? Because a pilot must be able to reach all the instruments in the cockpit of an aircraft, the height becomes an important factor as a condition of being a pilot. In Indonesia if a person wants to become a pilot, he must meet the minimum height requirement of 170 cm for men and 165 cm for women.

Graduated from formal education

In Indonesia, the requirement to enter a pilot school is to have a minimum formal education of high school / equivalent, and specifically for pilots, military aircraft must minimize the education of high schools with a science major. A pilot must quickly calculate in the face of all situations that arise when flying a plane.

The following are some important conditions that must be fulfilled by prospective pilots before applying to the pilot school. Hopefully it will help you in preparing flight education for a career to become the aircraft pilot you want.