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Ways To Pay For Pilot Training

Ways To Pay For Pilot Training

Flight training is a very costly. You have to pay rent for airplanes, instructors, and other materials. There are lots of little and not so little costs. The cold fact is that not everyone with a dream of flight will be able to afford it. The purpose of this article is to present some ideas on how to pay for flight training.

Exchange something for training

If you have expertise that supports schools such as asking for a web designer or accountant, many schools want someone to maintain their web pages or help them manage books and pay taxes. Maybe it's as simple as cutting a plane and cutting grass. Don't be afraid to ask your local flight school or FBO to determine their interests.

There are scholarships available for flight training although some may not help much. The scholarships listed below are found on the FAA website

National Coalition for Aviation Education
AeroClub of New England
Aircraft Electronics Association
LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Scholarship
Boeing Scholarships
Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships & Awards
University Aviation Association Aviation Scholarship Guide
Girls With Wings Scholarship
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

The Experimental Aircraft Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association also have several Aviation scholarships available.

Start an Aircraft Side Business
You might consider starting an aircraft washing business at the airport. The business could also be an interior detailing service. Before your start make sure you have talked to several owners to understand how to properly clean an aircraft. The exterior cleaning should include a complete exterior wash, degrease, bug removal, clean and polish of the windows. Interior cleaning will include interior suction and all interior windows cleaned.

You could expect to make the following:

• $50 for a 4 place airplane

• $350 for a small jet

Buy an Airplane and lease it back

The fact that you might not know, is that most of the aircraft available for rent at your local flight school are not owned by the flight school. The planes are usually owned by private individuals and the flight school pays them for the use of the aircraft. You might have to talk to a lawyer and an accountant Determine whether after the flight school incurs operating costs there will be profits that you can use for flight training.

Bottom Line
So far this is not the most complete list, for entrepreneurial pilots the way to pay for flight time is endless. Some are more profitable than others, but every little helps.

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