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Women Can Become Pilot School Students

We have always known that aircraft pilots are dominated by men. Now a woman can become a pilot school student to reach her goals as a pilot. According to data from PT Angkasa Pura in September 2015 there were 55 people licensed in Commercial Pilot Lisence and 8 people in the captain's rank.

There is no difference between men and women, all the main requirements for entering a pilot school must be met. Here are tips for women who want to become a pilot.

Strong Will

The first thing that is fundamental is that women must have a strong will. Even stronger than men. Because this work is still dominated by men, the will must be stronger so that it can balance the weight of the challenges that will be faced during the Pilot school education process.

Nerves of steel

The next requirement, women must have a mental steel. In the male-dominated workplace, the pressure will feel stronger. Because basically women have thoughts, physicality, to a different point of view than men.

Whereas pilot procedures, standards and obligations do not distinguish between men and women. Then it takes a strong mental strength as strong as steel from the beginning decides to become a pilot, and this mental steel that must be possessed by women will make female pilots capable of surviving and not giving up easily. This is also needed to compete with the opposite sex because to be a captain or pilot requires a long time and effort.

Eliminate Women 's Unable Mindset

Being a pilot, has the pride and sensation when you can fly a plane. Many assume that women have limited abilities and are difficult to face challenges. However, women must eliminate the mindset to survive.

Family motivation and support.

This point is also an important part of a pilot's career, especially for female pilots. Motivation from the closest person and support from the family can increase your confidence to face all challenges during your career, not only strong will, but support is also needed in this process.

Answering the Challenge

This profession is not yet common for women at this time. The number is still far from the number of male pilots. However, that is what makes the profession as a pilot one of the most interesting things to pursue. Working in a male-dominated profession must have a mentality and effort that is two to three times greater than usual. Because all regulations and policy systems will be equalized between men and women.

Strong passion

If we previously mentioned the strong desire, being a female pilot must also have a strong passion. Having a passion in aviation, will provide comfort when pursuing a profession as a pilot. With this passion will also encourage us to stay focused and catch up with us from men who will compete directly in the world of aviation.

Be sure to choose the best pilot school

Choosing the best pilot school is a very helpful tip. The best pilot school to help realize your dreams as a pilot. Choose a pilot school that has learning facilities, supporting facilities, and a good learning program.

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