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Market for Facebook

Facebook Marketplace

I'm gonna show you guys how to boost your listings on Facebook marketplace alright so I'm gonna show you first how to boost a listing on Facebook marketplace and then I'm gonna share with you my results of me personally doing boosted listings on my facebook marketplace.

So we're here on Facebook right now and this is some of the items that I'm selling and boosting a listing means you are running ads on Facebook so you’re running ads within the Facebook marketplace ecosystem and this feature is fairly new while it's new to me in Canada here I'm not sure about any other parts of the world but I've been testing it out and I want to share with you how to do it first and then I'll share my results after so when you have a listing you want to just head over to the blue boost listing thing and you see here it says boost to reach more buyers in your local area.

Pre-done and Facebook does a good job Facebook marketplace does a good job of making it really simple and really easy so when you first click on it they're going to already kind of predetermine a number for you like right now they've selected 3 days $18 and it says here you will spend $6 per day and the ad will end on October 1st so you can change that around so I'm gonna change that around and I'm actually gonna lower this down significantly and see what $5 looks like the minimum that you need to spend is one dollar per day I've got it going at one dollar per day and that's usually what I have been doing on my ads is pretty much doing one dollar a day and it depends on each ad and how it's currently doing so it's not gonna be the same reach for each item you'll see that it's going to be different but for each listing that I've had I've gotten it down to you will spend one dollar per day and however many days that is sometimes it's four days because it costs more to promote that particular item because it's more competitive it really depends on what Facebook has determined your how your item will cost but as a first test I spent a five dollar budget and then one dollar per day however many long days that is so after you've set that amount you want to make sure that you've connected your payment method it can be a credit card in this case we we did our paypal and then after that you pretty much just click promote.

You know this item is eligible to be on ads so you know no liabilities on there and for the the most part everything's gonna be fine and they'll approve it within 24 hours usually now with the Facebook marketplace ads you don't really get to choose specific specifications like you'll see here that it your ad will reach men and women ages 18 to 65 who live in one location and that location is going to be Vancouver because I'm I'm in Vancouver so it's going to be listing in that area if I changed my location then it would be listing in that area and you'll see here it's got the stats here this ad will run for five days your total budget for this is $5.00 and then this is where it's going to be billed and then it says your next bill will arrive when you spend $30 of your budget so it's pretty simple in this point it's going to be in review like I said it takes less than 24 hours.

I will list an item on Facebook marketplace and then after about two days if I haven't got any strong inquiries if I haven't sold it by then then probably on the third or fourth day I will do the boost so let's talk about my experience with boosting listings on Facebook marketplace I tried it out on one item first I boosted it the minimum profit was gonna be about $30 or so I boosted it and then within about two days I got someone who said pretty much straight away they wanted to buy it I've been noticing that when I turn on the ads for a listing the people that are messaging me are very direct and they're very much like when can I pick sup and I'm guessing it's because they're not really browsing like this ad has shown up to them while they're in the Facebook marketplace and they didn't have to search for it they just it probably popped up and like while they were on on their phone or something like that and they clicked directly.

Noticed that every time I've done a boosted listing I've sold the item and I've boosted the item because you know it didn't sell initially within the the 2-3 days or even took a little bit longer and I haven't been getting any strong inquiries for the item and every time that I boosted something it's sold so because I first tried it out and then the item sold and then I tried it again and then another item sold I've done this about five times now and so far it's worked all five times now I'm going to be doing some more long-term testing but this is about an initial test of about seven days or so and I've boosted five posts so far so I was a bit hesitant at first to use the boosted postings because it is a paid.

Right now it's super cheap like I've only spent like a couple of dollars each time I hadn't used the full amount for boosting and you know it could be that the location that I'm in I'm in Vancouver downtown Vancouver Canada and there's definitely a lot of you know activity and people buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace so so far I do like the boosted posts they are fairly new from when I started doing Facebook marketplace which was less than half a year ago so far I'm five four five with selling and you know I want to make sure that the item is profitable with the add listing with the add amount that I'm spending you know if I spent $5.00 am I still gonna be profitable and if yes then y'all I'll put the ads on it so.

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