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Home Business Ideas

How Many Ideas Are Too Many?

Now that you have decided to start a home business it is time to explore some ideas. How many home business ideas are too many?

The jury is still out on whether there can be too many ideas. Some internet marketing gurus say that the more ideas the better, as it can increase the odds that you will come up with a really good one. Another point of view is that too many ideas can often cause indecision or distractions and the inability to focus or stay committed to one thing.

When evaluating the two points of view - it appears that they really are not that much different. The difference is only that it actually applies to different aspects and different stages of creating a home based (or for that matter any) business!

Before you start your home business and as you are evaluating and working out what kind of business you want to do and as you are looking at the best home business ideas - the more ideas you have the better. The more ideas you have means that you may be able to combine them, sparking better ones because of all the options, and opening up new areas to investigate that you may never have even thought of before. This can often times improve your chances of finding or uncovering a much better and more successful idea or ideas.

On the other hand, once you have put the wheels in motion and started work on your business, the multitude of new ideas for other or different businesses can truly create a huge distraction. Forward progress and diligent, focused action is what you need be doing at this point. Your idea and your plan are what you need to focus on and then acting on your plan is your only priority. New ideas will undoubtedly crop up during this time. It is Murphy's Law that other ideas will be whirling around you and attempting to distract you from your intended goal of starting your own home base business.

Write any extra ideas down in a notebook or journal to save them for another time. It is always good to save these ideas that come up as you are working on any project. Keeping notes on your creative ideas is very important when you need inspiration in the future. You can create a "someday - maybe" file for use later. Label your file 'home base business ideas' and revisit it when you are ready to start on another new business adventure.

The most important thing at this juncture in time is not to get distracted by newer or more enticing ideas, just focus on putting all your energy in to giving your new home base business enough time to bear fruit and become a successful venture.

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