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Web Marketing For Small Business

Business Insider Tricks That Get You Big Results

The number one trick to web marketing for your small business is obviously to hire someone who knows what they are doing. As we all know as a business owner, you actually run your business, let alone take on the task of marketing your website. But if you are at the stage where you just want to learn a little more then this article will explain some insider tricks that will get you big results.

First of all you have to promote your website wherever your name appears, this may be online or offline. The more people you get to your site the better. Because the insider tricks I'm going to share with you cover people who create viral traffic to your website. Alright... so now that you've done everything you can to promote your website, you need to install an option to your website that allows people to share your content, offers or products with their friends on other social networking sites.

Yes that's right. You can put this Facebook share button on your website or a link that allows people to share your site with their friends on Facebook. Now just think about this. Let's say the average person viewing your site has about 50 friends on their account. If this person uses your share button, their network of friends YES all 50 will see the link in their account too. So basically this one person just promoted your business to 50 other people with just the push of a button.

Now let's say you only have 10 people sharing your link, that would be a total of 500 people exposed to your business. Do you see this power? And all it takes is to add this share on Facebook or tweet about this link or button next to your content on your website!

But we just assume that each person only has 50 friends, what if these people have 100 or 500 which is the number of friends I know a lot of people. This is a simple way to virtually distribute your message. And if you offer good content that people like, you will expect traffic to flow to your website and be ready to monetize.

But to complement this strategy, you can add multiple social bookmarking sites to do the same. The same way you add Facebook buttons, you can add social bookmarking buttons to your site. Think about it... you only have a few visitors sharing your content on multiple sites... your content will go viral.

But the key to making this work as previously mentioned is providing great content that people will love and be willing to share with their friends.

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