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Challenging Facets of the Marketing Manager Job Description

Challenging Facets of the Marketing Manager Job Description

Job Description, Marketing Manager basically plans and develops marketing and pricing strategy for the company, which effectively converts the potential customers into active customers, in order to increase the company profits.

He monitors the ongoing market trends and assesses the competitor's market base to evaluate the need for launching new products and services. Preparing the budget for marketing, timely execution of the marketing agendas, conducting consumer research and compiling competitors data are the major work areas of a marketing manager.

Major Roles and Responsibilities, A manager meets the marketing goals to benefit the company in terms of high profits. He also plans and executes the short term and long term marketing strategies and campaigns to lead the company towards growth and expansion. Tapping the prospective customer base and increasing the marketing opportunities through proper research and market survey is an important job responsibility of a marketing manager.

He controls the whole marketing and brand promotion activities, so as to ensure an overpowering market presence of the company, in turn; cutting down the competitor's profits. The marketing manager job description is incomplete without mentioning his role as an effective communicator while dealing with the external ad agencies and as an able coordinator while supervising the internal team.

Required Qualifications and Skills, Masters or Management degree in marketing along with a work experience in different markets is always preferable for this job profile. Excellent reading and writing skills, analytical bent of mind, critical and logical thinking, computer knowledge, and; a command on reasoning, mathematics and English language are the essential skills to be present in a marketing manager.

A marketing manager job includes managing the marketing activities of a company or a firm. He plans, creates and executes marketing and pricing strategies in such a way that they increase the market share of the company leading it to high profits and customer base. To read more managerial job descriptions, you can visit the career website State University developed by Simon Haughtone.

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